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8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Mon - Thu
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

8:30 am - 12 pm

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Unistructure 1st floor M-wing, MRC201
(401) 232-6210

Undergraduate Academic Advising is a collaborative educational process between students and their advisors to meet essential learning outcomes, ensure student success, and outline the steps for achieving long-term academic, personal, and career goals.


Kristin Pidgeon

Director of Student Success Programs and Services

Lauren Chapman

Associate Director for Student Athletes

Douglas Hillis

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising

Rebecca Senna

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising

Sarah Gabriel

Senior Academic Advisor

Margrete Jean-Louis

Senior Academic Advisor

Rebecca Baccam

Academic Advisor and Veteran Specialist

Margaret Barden

Academic Advisor for Student Athletes

Kevin Gill

Academic Advisor

Nicholas Mallender

Academic Advisor

Hope McMorran

Academic Advisor

Kyle Murakami

Academic Advisor for Student Athletes

Jordan Swift

Academic Advisor

Pam Duguay

Office Coordinator

Every student is assigned an academic advisor.  Your academic advisor will assist you with any questions you may have and may make referrals to another office on campus, when appropriate. As you go through your four years at Bryant University, there are a number of decisions to make when it comes to planning your academic program. The Undergraduate Advising Office provides multiple workshops as well as one-on-one advising to assist you with program planning. From Orientation through Graduation, we are available to work closely with you to be sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities Bryant has to offer. Throughout your time at Bryant you and your advisor will build a solid relationship to guide you through each year.

Your Academic Advisor can assist with a variety of services including:

You should meet with your Academic Advisor at least one time each semester. However, we encourage students to meet with their advisor more often to make the most of our resources. Advising is a partnership. Given this, you should plan for your advising meetings – we will! Here are some tips.

Preparing for an Academic Advising Appointment

The Undergraduate Advising Office continues to develop programs for students that will assist you in your academic planning. Your academic advisors will send e-mail and/or Canvas announcements to inform you of upcoming workshops throughout each year. Be sure to check your Bryant email and Canvas for important announcements.

MyPath@ Bryant (Make Your Passion and Talent Happen @ Bryant) is a unique partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs divisions to assist the students with major and career decision-making.

If you are not yet sure about your major or career choice, you're not alone. Many students enter Bryant as undecided or exploratory students. To help you make educated choices, MyPath@Bryant offers a comprehensive menu of programs and services.

  • Individualized academic advising to help you with long-term academic planning and course selection, define your personal and career goals, educate you about campus resources, monitor your academic progress/achievement and connect you with resources to ensure your academic success.
  • Personal career counseling at every level of your career development including selecting a major, concentration, or minor; exploring career options; writing and reviewing employment documents; searching for summer jobs and internships, and more.
  • MyPath Mentor Program to learn from fellow students how they made decisions about major and career; Mentors run programs, panels, presentations and networking events throughout the academic year.
  • MyPath Showcase where you can learn about different majors/concentrations by talking with Faculty representatives and MyPath Mentors from each primary major/concentration Bryant has to offer!
  • Career Planning 101a five session noncredit course open to first and second year students who are exploring career options, are in a major or concentration they wish to confirm, or are happy with a major and working to identify career opportunities.
  • Career assessments to discover your interests, work values and cultural preferences as they relate to choosing a major and a career path;
  • Shadow Programa short observational experience that enables you to visit with Bryant alumni in professional work environments to gather information on career fields of interest;