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The Study Abroad Office gives all students the opportunity to explore the world through a program that's right for them.

Bryant's Study Abroad Office is continuously monitoring the situation through the CDC, U.S. State Department, and our partner programs' websites for further updates. Please note that the situation around COVID, both here and abroad, could change at any moment and programs may still be cancelled prior to departure. The list of approved programs students are able to select from to apply for a semester abroad will be shared with students who attend an information session.

Students who begin the process to study abroad during any future semester MUST by fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including any available boosters and should always consult their chosen program provider (e.g. API, TEAN) or host institution (if they are participating in a direct partner program) regarding their refund/cancellation policy as it pertains to COVID-19. Students should consult their chosen program for any and all COVID updates regarding the respective program term for when they’re planning on studying abroad, as they will post more information about the status of their future programs. In addition, should you have questions regarding Bryant’s position regarding refunds, please contact Bryant’s Bursar's Office for clarification.

In order to participate in Bryant's semester approved study abroad programs, students must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 by the time of application which MUST be maintained throughout the term prior to studying abroad. If a student's cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0 after final grades are calculated into their record, the student is required to defer to a different term, or withdraw entirely from their original semester abroad plans, and they are financially responsible for all fees incurred at that time. GPA requirements for winter and summer study abroad programs vary and will be dependent on the program to which a student applies. Students must also be in good standing judicially, financially and academically at Bryant before they can be approved to study abroad.

Study Abroad Program Providers information coming soon!

Study Abroad FAQ

Once students have chosen a specific country and program, they must also meet deadlines for both the program's application and Bryant's online enrollment form. PRIORITY deadlines are October 1st for spring program applications, and March 1st for fall program applications. Otherwise, all applications are due NO LATER than Bryant's deadlines of October 15th for spring and/or winter program applications, and March 15th for fall and/or summer program applications. Some programs' application due dates are earlier than our priority or final application deadlines, so students need to abide by whichever the earliest deadline is.

Once a student attends the mandatory information session to start their study abroad process, and they need to then meet with their academic advisor to discuss available course options. Following this meeting, the student meets with a study abroad advisor who will assist in finding a program to meet their academic course needs. The Study Abroad Office will email several items to the parents/guardians of those students who meet with us during the third step of the process. One of these items is the Study Abroad Billing Brochure (also viewable via the link below). This brochure will help families become more prepared for the expected charges that will be assessed on the student's bill versus what they're responsible for paying out of pocket for the semester a student is going abroad. 

Study Abroad Billing Brochure

Students will review a study abroad billing form for the applicable anticipated costs for their intended term abroad during their meeting within the Study Abroad Office. We will provide each student with a copy of this form for their own records, as well as with a copy to provide to their family. For your reference, you can view a blank copy of this form below. Please note that IB students who participate on a Bryant IB customized study abroad program will receive billing information more specific to their program.

Students participating with an outside program (not one through Bryant such as an SIE or a faculty-led program) for a winter or summer term are responsible for obtaining their anticipated costs directly from the program, as Bryant is not involved in the billing process for these types of programs.

Study Abroad Billing Form Direct Partner Programs Billing Form

All billing inquiries should be addressed to the Bursar's Office at (401) 232-6030. Please visit the Bursar's Office web site for more detailed information on study abroad billing and costs.

Students who are looking for a truly immersive study abroad student experience can explore our direct partnerships with one of the schools listed in the document below. The direct partner program options have a different payment structure than Bryant's program provider options listed on the Programs Overview section and typically offer a less expensive housing (and applicable meal plan) option for students. More information regarding the direct partner programs' semester costs and fees can be read on the Semester Costs and Fees section.

Course options in business, history, literature, science, and psychology, just to name a few, are available across these institutions. For more information on a specific partner institution, please click on the individual school's link, and inquire about more information within our Study Abroad Office.

Direct partner programs' applications are due either before or on the same day as Bryant's deadlines of October 15th (spring) or March 15th (fall)*.

Direct Partner Programs

Honors students who are looking for a truly immersive study abroad experience with the opportunity to earn 3 credits towards as post-contracted Honors coursework should explore one of our direct partner programs.

Honors Study Abroad Info

The Sophomore International Experience is a special Bryant faculty-led program where students spend some time overseas during a post or pre-semester travel session. These students will earn three academic credits through this gradedcourse (NOTE: this is NOTa Pass/Fail class) to learn firsthand about other cultures or how businesses operate globally. 

This international education program is geared specifically toward students in their sophomore academic year and has served as a pre-cursor for students who go on to pursue a semester abroad. All students must be in good academic, disciplinary and financial standing at the time of application and departure. Students must also attend all pre- or post-travel course meetings, which are set by the program's faculty. Please note: courses are subject to cancellation if there is not a minimum level of participation.  The cost to participate varies by location.

2023 - 2024 SIE Programs:

Argentina/Chile: History, Politics and Culture in Latin America (COM/LCS 299), January 2024, with Professor Patricia Gomez

Germany: Environmental Policy: Decision Making and Problem Solving (SCI 255), May/June 2024, with Dr. Robert Patalano

Bryant is always looking for opportunities to offer new short-term study abroad programs led by our faculty. The travel portion will take place during the winter break or at some point during the summer. Students earn three credits through participation of in-country classroom lessons, site visits, and an abbreviated continuation of in-class learning back on Bryant’s campus during the very beginning of a semester (if the program’s travel occurs in January or August), or mid-semester (for May travel). Eligibility requires students to be in good academic, financial and judicial standing, with additional eligibility determined by the faculty in charge of a program (e.g. class standing of junior and/or senior level). Costs and corresponding program application requirements vary by location and will be advertised as programs become available.


2023 Summer Faculty-Led Programs:

Seoul, South Korea, June/July 2023 with Dr. Sukki Yoon and Dr. Kacy Kim

Oxford, England, July/August 2023, with Dr. Allison Butler and Dr. Michael Roberto

2023-2024 Semester Faculty-Led Programs:

London and Amsterdam: Financial Institutions and Markets (FIN 315), August 2023, with Dr. Peter Nigro

Japan and Taiwan: Directed Study in Mathematics: Culture, History, Business Environment, and Analytical Research Abroad (MATH 497), August 2023, with Dr. Gao Niu

India: Business, Economics and Culture of India (ECO 300 or 400 elective), January 2024, with Dr. Ramesh Mohan

Italy: Italian Culture, History, and Gastronomy (LCS 480), January 2024, with Dr. Cedric Oliva