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The Purchasing Department of Bryant University is responsible for overseeing the procurement practices, as well as the purchasing policies and procedures of the University that include travel and entertainment as well as the Procurement Card. 

The Purchasing Department will provide superior Customer Service by strategically determining the needs of Internal Customers, finding qualified suppliers and selecting the supplier that will provide the best value to the University and University Community.

In partnership with JP Morgan Chase, Bryant University offers the Visa Procurement Program to all eligible Bryant employees.  The procurement Card (P-Card) is an efficient method for employees to make low dollar purchases and pay for travel-related expenses while helping to eliminate the use of petty cash to reimburse a purchase made with personal funds. For more information, look to the following documents.

P-Card Travel and Entertaining Policy

The purchasing process can be complex with its various guidelines and procedures. In an effort to assist the Bryant Community, brief training sessions and/or reviews discussing the purchasing process are available for new employees or entire departments.

Please feel free to or stop by the Purchasing Department with any questions or concerns regarding Purchasing procedures. Job-aids on several topics are available to assist users with the process.

Strategic Sourcing -- The Bryant Purchasing Department will take a strategic look at the needs of the entire University when conducting bids. This Strategic Sourcing strategy will not only provide value to multiple departments but will provide greater savings by increasing volumes utilizing common supplier purchases on behalf of the entire University. 

Sustainable Purchasing -- Whenever possible, items will be purchased which contain recycled content and/or are considered sustainable.  These sustainable suppliers will be required to provide Bryant with annual reports, showing the quantity and dollar value of products purchased.  Efforts will also be made to assure that suppliers of services operate on campus in a manner that is environmentally friendly.