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Auxiliary Services


Office Hours:
Mon - Fri
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Summer Hours:
Mon - Fri
8:30 am - 4 pm

Copy Center opens at 7:30 am

Contact Us

(401) 232-6035
(401) 232-6319

Auxiliary Services provides support services to the Bryant community including printing and copy services, faxing, and Bulldog Bucks management.

Copy jobs can be submitted 24 hours a day via email at copyctr@bryant.edu. Please include all printing instructions in the body of the email along with date and time requested, departmental account number, faculty suite and c.c. your suite coordinator on the message - if applicable.  In consideration of our environment, all copy jobs will be printed on white paper, double sided, unless otherwise requested. Submitted jobs must be in copy-ready format and, although most software applications can be accepted, PDF format is preferable. Exams and quizzes are securely held for pickup by the suite coordinator or professor.

Hard-copy originals are also accepted at our counter in Auxiliary Services.  To ensure accuracy of the order, please use the Copy Center Work Request Form found below. All submissions will be prioritized by the date and time requested.

A walk-up self-service area is available 24 hours a day for faculty and staff.  Please visit Auxiliary Services with any questions.

Please look to the Copy Center Document below for information on pricing, materials, copyrights, recharges, and other services we offer. 

The main fax number for the University is 401-232-6319.  Incoming faxes will be forwarded to faculty and staff electronically via Bryant email.  An outgoing Fax machine is available for faculty and staff in our walk-up area.

Your Bryant ID can be used to purchase items on campus through the use of Bulldog Bucks. Bulldog Bucks are accepted at all dining locations,  the campus bookstore, post office, vending/soda machines, and The Fisher Student Center.

Bulldog Bucks can be purchased online at www.bryant.edu/getfunds, by visiting Auxiliary Services, or calling the office at (401) 232-6035. Auxiliary Services accepts cash, check, credit/debit card, or transferring balances from your student account.

All Bulldog Bucks will remain on student accounts until graduation, transfer, or withdrawal from the University. At that time, any remaining balance over $25.00 will be applied to the student's account and refunded by the Bursars office according to normal refund policies. Bulldog Bucks balances under $25.00 will not be refunded.

Please note, you are required to carry your ID Card with you at all times and, upon request, must surrender it to a University official, Public Safety Officer or management level person from the Dining Services staff. Your ID is not transferable under any circumstances.

Business Cards

Complete the business card form found below. Obtain the appropriate signatures (department head signature is required) and deliver to Auxiliary Services. Please visit or call Auxiliary Services at ext. 6035 with any questions.

Central Stores

Central Stores stocks limited supplies for the University's use. These include: copy paper, test books, test answer sheets, and University stationery. Items can be obtained in Auxiliary Services and will be recharged to the appropriate department at the end of each month.

Laundry Services

Resident Hall laundry facilities for Bryant University students are managed through the Auxiliary Services Office.Students may utilize washers and dryers free of charge. To place a service request on any laundry equipment, please go to the Automatic Laundry site or call extension 6035.

Beverage and Vending Services

The University has a beverage contract with Coca-Cola Bottling Service.  Beverage machines are located throughout the campus in resident halls and main buildings.  All University food providers are required to utilize only Coca-Cola products. To place a service call on any machine, please call extension 6035.

Auxiliary Services also manages all snack machines on campus. To report a problem with any of these machines, please call ext. 6035

Vehicle Registrations

Auxiliary Services is responsible for the renewal of all vehicle registrations. When the new registration arrives, the department utilizing the vehicle will be notified. Departments will see the charge appear on their monthly budget reports.

If a registration is lost by a department, a representative from that department must have a replacement registration form signed by the Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services prior to obtaining a duplicate from the DMV.

Insurance Cards are issued on an annual basis and must be present in all University vehicles. If a replacement is needed, please notify the Risk Manager at ext. 6006.

All vehicle purchases are handled through the Purchasing Department.