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Office Hours:
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8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Summer Hours:
Mon - Thu
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

8:30 am - 12 pm

The Business Entrepreneurship Leadership Center (BELC) is the new home of the College of Business. The space is also home to Graduate and Professional Education, as well as student clubs and administrative offices.

The Business Entrepreneurship Leadership Center (BELC) is a state-of-the-art, 250,000-square-foot facility designed to foster innovation and future-focused learning. It features cutting-edge labs and spaces dedicated to AI, data analytics, design thinking, and sales.

Central to enhancing the academic experience are several strategically positioned centers and labs. The Ellen Wilson Leadership Center will support and promote leadership initiatives across campus, collaborating closely with academic and student life partners to provide a top-tier, comprehensive experience. The Frank '81 and Marion '81 Hauck Sales Performance Lab will combine high-tech tools with mentorship for students from all disciplines. The Artificial Intelligence Lab will also boast a robot center and advanced virtual reality capabilities.

Other notable centers and labs within the BELC include:

  • Entrepreneurship Center with classrooms and maker spaces
  • Financial Markets Center
  • Digital Marketing Lab
  • Marketing Behavioral Research Lab
  • Supply Chain Lab
  • Data Science Lab
  • Data Visualization Lab

GroupFloorPacking Complete DeadlineProjected Move Day (Stay Home)Unpack Day - Report to BELC
College of Business Faculty1 & 2August 19August 20August 21
Staff Group 13August 20August 21August 22
Staff Group 23August 21August 22August 23

  • Overall Senior Project Manager: Lisa Laliberte
  • Purchasing: Michelle Marcano
  • Events: Nicole Beauregard
  • Controller Office: David Gilmore
  • Budget Office: Yusheng Ding
  • Facilities Management: Will Meade (backup - Norm Dascoli)
  • Information Technology: Chuck LoCurto
  • University Advancement: Amy Alvares
  • Marketing and Communications: Melissa Desmarais
  • Academic Affairs: Melanie Roderiques

  1. Is there parking at the BELC?
    Yes, there is parking in the surface lot and garage. 
  2. Will I get a new parking sticker?
    No, your current parking sticker is still valid. However, faculty and staff whose primary location is at the BELC will receive a separate hang tag.
  3. Will there be any BELC reserved parking spots?
    Yes, BELC reserved parking spots will be at the surface lot and garage.
  4. Will there be other reserved parking spots?
    The process that we use to reserve parking spots at the current campus will be used at the BELC. 
  5. Will there be shuttle service to/from the BELC?
    Yes. There will be three formal pickup locations on the Bryant main campus:
    1. Existing bus stop by Bello
    2. Behind Fisher Center in the parking lot
    3. At the intersection of Jacob’s Drive and Oak Circle
  6. What are the shuttle hours?
    The shuttles will run from 7 am–11 pm Monday–Thursday and Friday from 7 am–2:30 pm. There will be on-demand shuttles available until 11 pm each evening.
  7. If my main location is at the BELC, will there be any reserved spots at the current campus?
    We are working on the details of where these spots will be located and will update faculty and staff. 
  8. Are there any car chargers at the BELC?
    There is one there now. Four more are being installed. Two of the four new ones will be dedicated to charging the shuttle vans. That will leave three for employees. 
  9. Can I walk to/from the BELC? Is it safe? Will the walkway be completed before opening? What would happen if the walkway is not completed before opening?
    A newly paved pedestrian sidewalk from Lot F on the main Bryant campus to 100 Salem is under construction now. The entire extent of the sidewalk will be illuminated and monitored with cameras. A new, safer pedestrian crossing is under construction at the Route 7 intersection. The new crossing will feature a center island area of refuge, new pedestrian-activated signals with warning lights for oncoming traffic, lighting, signage, and landscaping. The crossing is expected to be completed in early September pending approvals from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. 

    We are closely monitoring the construction schedule for the crossing and walking path. If it is not completed before opening, we will implement strategies to ensure a safe way for everyone, including additional shuttles and police detail as needed.

  10. Can I park my car overnight at the BELC?
    In general, no, but contact Public Safety if you have a special need.  
  11. Can I drive my golf cart across Route 7?
    No. Golf carts are not considered registered low-speed vehicles. However, we will work with state and local officials to explore safe options. 

  1. Will there be food at the BELC?
    Yes. AVI will operate a dining facility that can accommodate up to 200 people. The BELC Dining Hall will open on August 18, operating under a hybrid retail model. There will be all-you-care-to-eat dining, retail food operations, and vending all in the same location.
  2. Will there be free coffee and tea in the morning?
    Yes, there will be free coffee and tea offered in the BELC Dining Hall from 7 am to 11 am. 
  3. Is there unlimited dining at the BELC?
    Yes, those with meal plans can experience all-you-care-to-eat dining in the BELC Dining Hall.
  4. How do meal plans work at the BELC?
    Those using a meal plan will enter from a designated location. Meal plan participants will tap their ID and obtain a hand stamp, identifying them as a meal plan user. Repeat entry into the dining hall during the same meal period will require display of the hand stamp upon exit. Signs will be posted displaying traffic flow. 
  5. What is the pricing for faculty and staff?
    For all-you-care-to-eat dining, there are two meal plans available to faculty and staff: a 25-block meal plan for $175 and a 50-block meal plan for $350. These can be purchased in Auxiliary Services or online using https://tinyurl.com/bumealplan.

    For those not utilizing a meal plan, standard retail pricing on a la carte items will apply. Cash, credit/debit, or Bulldog Bucks will be accepted at the register.

    Introducing a new tender for use by faculty and staff only, and only for use in the BELC — BELC BUCKS!

    BELC Bucks provide faculty and staff with a discount on standard pricing when purchasing retail items in the BELC Dining Hall only. BELC Bucks can be purchased in Auxiliary Services or on the GET App. 
  6. Will there be food at the BELC when dining is closed?
    There will be a robust vending program in the BELC dining area. In addition to standard snack and drink vending, there will also be a state-of-the-art coffee vending machine serving locally roasted, organic coffee brewed on demand. There will also be a Fresh Food vending machine serving gourmet sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit salad, microwaveable meals, and fresh-baked cookies. A microwave will also be located in the vending area. 
  7. What vending machines are located at the BELC?
    In addition to the Fresh Food vending machines in the BELC dining area, each floor will also have both a snack and beverage vending machine. 

  1. How will the doors be managed at the BELC?
    Exterior doors and other selected interior doors will feature card access controls. Other doors will be managed with locks and keys.
  2. Are there security cameras?
    Yes. There will be dozens of security cameras inside the building and outside the building, including along the walkway on both sides of Route 7.
  3. Will someone be at the front lobby of the BELC?
    We are planning on having front lobby coverage at the BELC similar to the one at the Fisher Center.  

  1. Are there conference rooms?
    There are several conference rooms at the BELC that may be reserved in 25Live. 
  2. What is the process for using the huddle rooms?
    Some huddle rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Other huddle rooms may be reserved in the 25Live system. 
  3. Are there breakout rooms for students?
    Yes, there are many breakout rooms at the BELC for students to collaborate and study. 
  4. Is there a space for commuters to hang out?
    Yes, several common areas will have lounge seating. Commuters can also hang out in the dining room. 
  5. Will there be storage space available?
    Designated storage locations will be assigned to each staff division on the third floor. Other storage needs for the College of Business are incorporated into the new design. Other storage needs on the ground and first floors will be assigned pending further assessments and needs.  

  1. Will there be an IT/AV service desk at the BELC?
  2. What are the hours?
    8:30 am – 4:30 pm 
  3. Where is it located?
    First floor, north side 
  4. What services will be provided?
    All services currently available on the main campus will be available at the BELC.
  5. Is there shared printing?
    Yes. There are currently five printers planned for the third floor, and they will be shared. The printers are located close to where each of the divisions sit, so you’ll probably just be sharing with your division. But with the way our printing platforms work, you can go to any printer to release your print job.

  1.  How do I make a Wi-Fi call?
    You can make and receive phone calls using Wi-Fi calling when cellular coverage is poor. It is recommended that all members of the community keep Wi-Fi calling on to stay connected. This short video explains how to turn on Wi-Fi calling on your phone. https://youtu.be/ZBVg8vhtgPk  
  2. Are there charging stations?
    There are standard power outlets throughout the building that can be used for charging cell phones.

  1. How will I get my mail and packages?
    Mail lockers will be installed on the ground level of the BELC, and department mail and packages will be picked up and delivered twice a day.
  2. Will there be a copy center at the BELC?
    The Copy Center will continue operations out of the Unistructure. Copy jobs will continue to be emailed to the Copy Center, and completed jobs will be securely sent to the BELC twice a day and placed in the mail lockers. 
  3. Are there Amazon lockers? Student lockers?
    The Amazon lockers will remain at the Unistructure. In the fall, student lockers will be installed at the Unistructure. 

  1. When will faculty and staff be moving?
    The target move date is set to begin the week of August 19, however this will be confirmed or adjusted pending the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Move dates are being coordinated through a working group that includes a representative from each division/department who is relocating. A virtual community forum was held earlier this month. Additional information and meetings will be scheduled to refine logistics and plans.
  2. If we don’t get the certificate of occupancy on time, what happens?
    We are working diligently with our construction managers and town officials to get the certificate of occupancy. If there is an unanticipated delay, we will adjust the move schedules.
  3. What university offices will be located at the BELC?
    Certain administrative departments within the divisions of Business Affairs, Marketing and Communications, Information Services — including the IT/AV Service Desk — and University Advancement. The BELC will also be the home of the Ellen Wilson Leadership Center and the College of Business. 

  1. Are there water bottle filling stations?
    Yes. Water fountains have been retrofitted to include bottle-filling stations. 
  2. What ATMs are in the BELC?
    Currently, there are no ATMs at the BELC. However, we will be exploring ATM options with various banks for the BELC. 
  3. Can I have a microwave at my desk?
    No. Microwaves are not permitted in private offices and cubicle workstations. There will be microwaves available in designated break areas. 
  4. Can I have a refrigerator at my desk?
    Refrigerators are not permitted at open cubicle workstations. Small mini-refrigerators that are UL-listed and inspected may be permitted in private offices with approval from Facilities Management. Full-size refrigerators for shared use will be available in designated common areas. 
  5. Will we need to swipe our card to get into the building?
    A swipe card is not needed during building open hours. Swipe cards for exterior doors are needed outside of the building's open hours. 
  6. Can we eat at our workstations?
  7. Will there be refrigerators and microwaves on each floor?
    Yes, refrigerators, microwaves, and Keurig machines will be in kitchenettes. 
  8. Where should we take our breaks? Are there break areas on each floor?
    The dining area on the ground floor is available during breaks, and there is no requirement for purchasing food to access the space. 
  9. What is the process for trash removal — paper and other waste?
    The process is similar to the current campus. 
  10. Who do I contact if there are HVAC issues?
    Use the same facilities work order process that is currently in place for HVAC issues.  
  11. Will I keep my same telephone and telephone number?
  12. Can I play music at my workstation?
    Be considerate of your neighbors. Not everyone likes the same songs. Consider earbuds.
  13. Where will the student workers be stationed?
    There are student workstations within the College of Business. For the administrative third floor, students may work at any unassigned workstations, and there are general work areas available for students. 
  14. Will there be separate card swipes by floor?
    The central staircase will have card access by floor.
  15. Is there a menu of the food being offered daily?
    Learn more about AVI's BELC Culinary Center