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Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)


Tutoring Hours

Tutoring is offered during fall and spring semesters.

Mon - Thu 
10 am - 8 pm

10 am - 2 pm

5 pm - 8 pm 

Summer Hours

Office hours only. 

Mon - Thu
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

8:30 am - 12 pm

Contact ACE

Unistructure, Room 275

Bryant's Centers for Student Success are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals of academic success. This is where you will find learning specialists who provide individualized assistance and group workshops on college level study skill development for all students.


Stephanie Carter

Director, Academic Center for Excellence and the Writing Center

Kelley Tiarks

Associate Director, ACE and Peer Tutor Services

Ernie Shirosky

Assistant Director for International Students and English Language Learners

Robin Bessette

Office Coordinator

Cindy Mueller

Learning Specialist

Beth Stephenson

Learning Specialist

Our mission in the Centers for Student Success is to help students become self-reliant, independent, confident learners so they may successfully meet the demands of their chosen academic curricula. This is achieved through a myriad of services to support academic progress and find what learning and study strategies work best for each student.

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) offers tutoring for all currently enrolled students at Bryant and is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). ACE provides a comfortable location where tutors assist students by reinforcing concepts in their academic subjects, while strengthening college level study strategies. The tutor-student relationship is a collaborative one, where both individuals have defined roles and responsibilities.

Tutoring at ACE is offered through individual appointments with Peer Tutors and Math Specialists and in Learning Labs.

For an individual appointment call or visit the Academic Success Programs office. All individual appointments should be made at least a day in advance to guarantee time with a tutor or specialist.

Peer Tutor Services offers assistance for students working on coursework or studying for tests or quizzes on a walk-in basis in our Learning Labs.

There is no appointment necessary for the Learning Labs. Students may work independently or request help from the Lab's Peer Tutor. The Labs are a great place to prepare for a test or work on homework because there is always someone to answer questions as they arise.

ACE professional staff members offer workshops for groups of students on topics that can improve their academic experience.  Topics include:

  • Time Management
  • Learning Styles
  • Reading to Remember
  • Psychology of Procrastination
  • Note-Taking
  • Test-Taking
  • Preparing for Finals
  • Studying in Groups

To request a workshop for your group, please contact Stephanie Carter (scarter@bryant.edu).

ACE Tours are for any student who wants to optimize their use of ACE and the Writing Center this semester. The tours will more specifically focus on helping each individual student understand:

  • How to get support for their most challenging course(s) for the semester
  • How to work with an ACE staff member to develop better study and writing skills
  • How to use ACE’s services to avoid procrastination and improve time management skills
  • How to use ACE/Writing Center to increase their GPAs

Tours take approximately 20 minutes. RSVP required.

ACE’s professional Learning Specialists provide academic skill building support to students to help them develop the college level academic skills they need to become more successful learners. Students can build their academic skills by meeting individually with learning specialists and by attending ACE workshops. 

Learning specialists work with students on:

  • Effective note taking techniques
  • Test preparation and test taking strategies
  • Effective reading of textbooks and other assignments
  • Time management skills
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Developing organizational systems to manage due dates and commitments

Looking for Access Services? Disability-related services were restructured over the Summer of 2022 to provide more streamlined and effective support. The Director of the new Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), Marie Saddlemire, is responsible for the review and approval of accommodations that provide access to campus living and learning environments. Dr. Saddlemire's office remains in ACE. A newly built Academic Testing Center is also part of the OAS. 

Bryant's Academic Center for Excellence offers specialized services for international students and English language learners, helping them increase their academic confidence and achieve their potential in their studies at Bryant.

The Assistant Director for International Students and English Language Learners will assist students in:

  • Adjusting to academic culture at Bryant and in the United States
  • Taking advantage of ACE and Writing Center academic support services
  • Navigating the variety of support services available to international students on campus
  • Developing study skills for college success
  • Improving written and oral English language skills
  • Setting goals for academic improvement
  • Communicating with professors and clarifying expectations and assignments

Students who seek to improve their English writing skills can also make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with our ESL Writing Specialist for support with all stages of the writing process.

Peer Tutors work collaboratively with students in individual appointments and in groups to help them with both course content and study strategies.

To be considered for a Peer Tutor position, students must:

  • Complete a Peer Tutor application
  • Have a minimum GPA of a 3.4, as evidenced by a submitted transcript
  • Acquire recommendations from 2 Bryant faculty members
  • Have taken and received a “B+” or higher in the courses to be tutored

Peer Tutoring is a merit-based position; that is, both students who are eligible to receive work-study and those who are not are welcome to apply.

The Academic Center for Excellence is exempt from the “one job per student” policy, thus allowing students to work in the ACE and another office on campus.

Email Kelley Tiarks if you are interested in working at ACE. Applications are accepted each spring for positions in the fall.