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Tutoring Hours

Tutoring is offered during fall and spring semesters.

Mon - Thu 
10 am - 8 pm

10 am - 2 pm

5 pm - 8 pm 

Summer Hours

Office hours only. 

Mon - Thu
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

8:30 am - 12 pm

Contact the Writing Center

Unistructure, Room 275

The Writing Center is a comfortable and supportive place for all members of the Bryant community to receive assistance with their writing. Call or stop by to schedule an appointment or to find out if there is a walk-in appointment available.


Stephanie Carter

Director, Academic Center for Excellence and the Writing Center

Janice Dexter-Ganek

ELL Writing Specialist

Beth Stephenson

Writing Specialist

Esther Kalajian

ELL Instructor/Specialist

The Writing Center firmly believes in writing as a learning tool and is committed to helping Bryant students become better writers and learners. We offer students feedback on writing for any course or discipline, and at any stage in the writing process.

What we offer is more educational experience than service. Wonderful dialogue occurs in the Writing Center where student visitors come to better understand the subject matter by talking it out with one less initiated, who may 
not have had the same course or read the same texts. Students then develop confidence within the discipline of study, as well as in their ability to explain it and form an argument about it.

The focus of every session is different and is negotiated between the student and the Writing Consultant or Specialist. Some may look at brainstorming and then developing a strong thesis; others may focus on proofreading and looking for areas of improvement.

1-on-1 and group consultations with Writing Consultants. These peer tutors are trained to work with students to improve their writing skills. Available by appointment, and during walk-in hours. 

1-on-1 and group consultations with Writing Specialists. These staff members are professionals with a background in writing instruction. Available by appointment.

ACE professional staff members offer workshops for groups of students on topics that can improve their academic experience. Topics include:

  • Building Strong Thesis Statements
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Working with Evidence: Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing
  • Writing Strong Paragraphs
  • Jumpstarting Your Writing Projects
  • Being Concise: Making Every Word Count

To request a workshop for your group, please contact Stephanie Carter (scarter@bryant.edu).

Writing Center Consultants and Specialists are prepared to help you become a better writer. Your preparation for and active participation during a consultation will help you achieve this goal. It is important to remember that you are in control of what will happen; below are some tips to help you get the most out of the time you spend with us.

  1. Come to the Writing Center willing to learn. Writing Center staff are not the "writing police." We are here to help you become a better writer. This can only happen when you are willing to talk about your writing AND willing to listen to suggestions about that same piece of writing.
  2. Bring the assignment with you. Your instructor has certain expectations for the paper you are trying to write, and those expectations can often be clarified by reviewing the assignment sheet during a consultation.
  3. Bring everything you've done so far. By bringing notes, planning, and drafts, our consultants and specialists can see the journey your writing has taken and suggest where you might step next.
  4. Bring any papers the instructor has returned to you with feedback. While the session will focus on the paper you are currently working on, it will be helpful to both the Writing Center staff member and yourself to review the comments your instructor has made on your past work. What has your instructor identified on these papers as needing improvement? You'll want to be sure that the paper you're working on doesn't repeat problems you've had in the past and that it does repeat the things you've done successfully.
  5. Set a realistic goal for the session. What would you like to understand once the session is over? What bridge are you having difficulty crossing? What problem would you like to solve in a half an hour to an hour? Don't hesitate to relate your goals for the session to the Writing Center staff member you are working with; they will appreciate your taking their time seriously.
  6. Think through the assignment. You can visit the Writing Center at any stage in the writing process - whether that be deciding on a topic, organizing ideas, writing an introduction, or revising a draft. Wherever you happen to be, however, you need to make a serious attempt at understanding the assignment. Be prepared to answer questions about the assignment and your writing.