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Women’s Leadership Living and Learning Community

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Exeter House, 1st floor
(401) 232-6140

multi-year program that provides women-identified students critical skills and approaches to become successful leaders.


Terri Hasseler

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Kelly Boutin

Director, Hochberg Women’s Center and Pride Center

Jana Valentine

Assistant Vice President of Student Life

Kristin Pidgeon

Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising

The Women’s Leadership Living and Learning Community at Bryant University is a uniquely designed multi-year program that provides women-identified students critical skills and approaches that support their success as leaders in and beyond the campus community. Students are guided by committed faculty and staff from Residential Life and the Hochberg Women’s Center. They work with a supportive network of peers, faculty, and staff devoted to students’ academic, professional, and personal growth and well-being.

Over the course of their four years at Bryant, WLLC members will take courses together in both the College of Arts and Science and the College of Business; attend a series of workshops and events geared towards mentorship, professional development; and will collaborate with their cohort on service learning and research projects.

Incoming WLLC students live in Bristol House and have a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their cohort, as well as other program members and alumni. Through workshops and events, students gain awareness of the importance of civic engagement and social justice, intersectionality, and inclusive practices that help them develop as ethical leaders.

“Being a part of the Women’s LLC during my first year at Bryant was an experience I will never forget. I joined because I wanted to meet women and make friends as soon as I could who were ambitious, intelligent, strong, and shared the same values as me. I learned so much from being a part of the Women’s LLC, and I am so thankful to have been a part of this incredible program.” - Caitlin McGrath

“All activities with the LLC professors, mentors, and members both in and outside of class are very valuable as it brought the LLC members together and helped us gain insight on women, friendship, and leadership. This is the time that I would never forget” – Chi Phi

“The LLC provided me with great relationships and a community where I could feel safe and welcome.” – Brianna Walker