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The Development Office’s mission is to increase the level of philanthropic support for Bryant’s strategic objectives and to develop and maintain positive relationships throughout the institution’s broad range of constituents. To this end, the Development Office plans, coordinates, and implements fund raising programs with Bryant alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations. We ask that all faculty and student organizations seeking external support from businesses, foundations, or alumni check with the Development Office prior to any solicitations.

Because of IRS regulations, all gifts must be documented by the Advancement Office in order for Bryant to issue a receipt for tax purposes. Please contact the Advancement Office at 401-232-6250 for information on how to make a gift to or solicit a gift for Bryant University. A gift acceptance form must be filled out for all gifts of equipment, in-kind gifts such as artwork or merchandise, securities and cash gifts of $1,000 and over, and must be submitted with original documentation (including checks or cash) to the Gift Processing staff in Advancement Services.


Gift: A tax deductible gift (also an outright gift) is made to Bryant University when a donor transfers cash, stocks, bonds, real property, tangible personal property, or gifts-in-kind, and receives no direct benefits and requires nothing in exchange beyond an assurance that the intent of the contribution be honored. Bryant will issue the donor a receipt for tax purposes for all gifts in this category.

Quid-pro-quo contribution: A gift made to Bryant University where tangible goods and services have been provided to the donor. The Advancement Office must comply with strict substantiation requirements. A portion of these gifts may also be tax deductible, and, therefore, it is important to involve the Advancement Office early in the process to ensure that IRS regulations are met.

Pledge: A pledge is a commitment to give a specific dollar amount over a fixed time schedule, generally not to exceed five years.

Planned Gift: A planned or deferred gift is generally made to Bryant in the present with the benefit “deferred” to the University until a future date.

Receipt: Bryant University’s policy is to issue a timely written receipt to all donors. An appropriate quid pro quo receipt is issued when the donor has received a tangible benefit in return for support. Also a gift-in-kind receipt is issued to donors of personal property. These receipts do not reflect a dollar amount, just the description of the donated items.

Endowment: A gift of at least $50,000 to be invested for the purpose of producing present and future income that may be expended or reinvested with the original gift. The principal of the endowment is kept intact. Income is expended according to the donor’s stipulation and according to the University’s spending policy and may be unrestricted or restricted.