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Academic Testing Center


Mon - Fri
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sat - Sun

Summer hours

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Sat - Sun

We are available for testing Monday through Thursday beginning at 9:00 AM each morning with the last test scheduled to start no later than 3:30 PM. All tests must be completed by 4:30 PM.


Unistructure, 3rd floor, M34

The Academic Testing Center (ATC) provides a distraction free testing area for students with the goal of maximizing student performance while maintaining test integrity.  In addition to our large testing space where we can accommodate up to 30 students, we have two rooms specifically for students who may need assistive technology, low light, scribes and/or readers. 


Deb Arenberg

Program Administrator

Jason Caliri

Office Coordinator

The mission of the Academic Testing Center is to provide all students who are testing a space where they can maximize their academic abilities. The ATC supports students with testing accommodations such as extended time, distraction free spaces, use of a scribe or a screen reader as well as students who miss in-class exams due to illness or team travel.

Students with testing accommodations are not required to use the ATC for their tests. Where you take your tests is between you and your professor. However, we strongly encourage students with testing accommodations to use the ATC for their tests. The following accommodations are facilitated:

  • Extended time
  • Alternate, Distraction-Reduced Testing Area
  • Screen Readers
  • Scribes
  • Low Light
  • Temporary Physical Disability

Students schedule their tests through the ClockWork portal within the parameters set by the instructor.  Instructions on how to do this are forthcoming.  Students must book their tests no less than three business days ahead of the test date.

The ATC is open at 7:30 am Monday through Friday. As we learn the patterns of use, we will be looking at our closing time. Our goal is to support students with a variety of schedules.

Upon arrival you will be asked to show your student ID. Staff will help you stow all your belongings in a secure locker. This includes all electronic devices, food and water, coats and hats. All testing materials will be given to you by Testing Center staff. This includes scrap paper and writing instruments. Only those things specified by your professor can be brought into the testing room. This includes calculators, formula sheets, notes etc. If your test is computer based, you are free to use one of our computers, or, if your professor permits, your own computer. Testing Center staff have ear plugs and silent timers if you would like them.

During your test, Testing Center staff will be monitoring the time. Please note that active proctoring, including the use of video cameras in all testing rooms, is done at the Testing Center.